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Nonton Film Drakor The Heirs aka Inheritors Season 1 Complete Subtitle Indonesia

Drakor The Heirs aka Inheritors Season 1 Complete

Quality: Year: Duration: 55 Min
7254 votes, average 7.5 out of 10

Download dan Nonton Drakor The Heirs aka Inheritors Season 1 Complete Subtilte Indonesia bisa diputar dari hp atau android. Sangsogjadeul (original title)

Heirs  Comedy, Drama, Romance | 3300min | TV Series (2013) 7.5
Stars: Lee Min-Ho, Park Shin-Hye, Kim Woo-BinSummary: Cha Eun Sang and her disabled mother both have to work hard, humiliating jobs, in order to support her older sister who's at university in America. Cha Eun Sang can't wait for her sister, who's her idol, to come back to Korea, and start earning money, so she can stop washing dishes and get a degree herself. However one day, Cha Eun Sang learns that her sister is about to get married, and realizes she'll never return to Korea, so she'll forever have to wash dishes. She resolves to go to America as well, and get better life. However, what she finds in America is far worse than she could ever imagine. Her sister is not only not getting married, but is also not at university, and is earning money working as a waitress, and maybe some shadier side jobs as well. After her sister notices her, they have a fight, she takes all of Cha Eun Sang's money and runs off, leaving her to cry and gather her broken dreams of the pavement. This entire exchange is observed by mysterious Kim Tan, who has ... Written by Woobluv


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 Kim Tan 20 episodes, 2013
 Cha Eun Sang 20 episodes, 2013
 Choi Young Do 20 episodes, 2013
 Rachel Yoo 20 episodes, 2013
 Kim Won 20 episodes, 2013
 Lee Bo Na 20 episodes, 2013
 Han Ki-ae 20 episodes, 2013
 Park Hui Nam 20 episodes, 2013
 Yoon Chan Young 20 episodes, 2013
 Yoon Jae Ho 20 episodes, 2013
 Lee Hyo-Shin 11 episodes, 2013
 Jo Myung Soo 11 episodes, 2013
 Esther Lee 11 episodes, 2013
 Jung Ji Sook 10 episodes, 2013

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Countries: South KoreaLanguages: Korean, English
Tagline:The One Trying to Wear the Crown, Bears the Crown
Cast:, ,
Language:Korean, English

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